1995 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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came home from a trip and battery was dead, noticed rear door ajar, so battery went dead because of interior light on. charged battery and everything worked but could tell battery was weak (5 yrs old).
Bought a new battery, new connectors because of corrosion. Installed battery, its charged, and now no electric power at all. Looked in manual and repair book for troubleshooting help, nothing matched?
Don't get it?
I need to no how to fix so it will start ...someone please help ...Thanks
After clutch replacement, reverse lights come on in 1st & 2nd gear, cruise control does not work and headlights only bright work.
When the engine gets warm. The biog so we'll start running really really bad then it in reverse it runs bad almost all the time I've replaced a lot of parts including the fuel pump and clean the accelerator table and I'm still having the problems I had one mechanic tell me that it was the timing chain but it doesn't do this all the time not until it warms up before this happened it was running fine I had no problems now it does it all the time and I tried everything and taking it to three or four different mechanics and they all say something different
Car is sluggish at speed and lacks low end torque
i just replaced the master clutch cylinder and the slave clutch cylinder as well the whole complete clutch. the problem is that when i drive it for a long while it loses engaging power. i think something is not allowing the fluid to come back to where it needs to be when it gets to hot. if i let the truck sit for a few hours or so, i think it allows the fluid to settle back where it needs to be. after that i can drive it again, but than it will do it again. i am just confused on what the problem is. hopefully someone has experienced this issue before can help me out.
the old girls got 267,000 ml. On her. I hauled her out to AZ. from TN. & when I unloaded it I noticed a small spot of what looked like hydraulic fluid on the ground. Right below the transmission. Looked around for were it came from but couldn't find it. Sounds like my hydraulic clutch needs to be replaced don't it? Our could it be something else? Also mine has the engine tick to. I use ZMAX every 3 to 4 oil changes and that seems to quieten it down.
This morning it won't start. Seems like it wants to, but doesn't fire up. When running it seems OK at high rpms, but when more power is needed for going uphill for example, it misfires.

it will vibrate bad around 2000 rpm let off it stops vibrating or push through it it stops i'm wondering if it could be a cam or crank bushing going out it has 216,000 miles on it
I have recently lost my car keys. I went to a locksmith to attempt to have replacement keys made; I was told I needed a key code which could only be accessed at the Isuzu dealership requiring my vehicles VIN number. I was wanting to replace the ignition switch for a more effective replacement. If I replace the switch will this cause more problems? Are there precautions to doing so?
When it's in idle you hear the knocking.
When I accelerate the noise deminishes?
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