1994 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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94 rodeo is locked in gear in 2 high and 4 high won't move but in 4 low it will drive but makes a terrible whinning sound. What to fix this?
The compressor works and it has freon. All of a sudden, it stopped blowing cold air.
I travel over Donner Summit frequently and the weather conditions can get hairy!
car slows down as if braking engine drags to a stop. it just started happening also battery has to be recharged. just started after cold weather snap and 1st snowfall
other gears are fine... we had this problem before with our ford Taurus and it was due to a leak we sealed the leak but the car ultimately gave up on us anyway. how else can we fix a gear shifting issue? or is it most definitely the transmission?
4 wheel drive 3.2.I need to access a leak on the manifold crossover pipe :( :P
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