1993 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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The car sprung a leak at the back of the valve cover and the timing seems to off a tiny bit.
I had had an issue with the clutch and now this happened. are the 2 related?
New gasket and grommets were replaced after the mechanic said everything looked good and suggested an engine flush and oil and filter change. The engine was flushed and serviced. The rattle and ticking noise is there is oil leaking and burning on the exhaust manifold.a lot of smoke. I've asked the mechanic to fix the problem as there was no leaks coming from engine prior to him working on the vehicle. He has had my vehicle for 4 days now And he said he's checked and over looked everything. But it is still leaking. He said he is just going to silicone everything and see what happens.if that is going to take care of the problem. Please help with suggestions, advice?
He said there seemed to be nothing wrong with the lifters. He did suggest an engine flush. So I bought the engine flush and oil and filter. He said he flushed the engine. Did the oil and filter change. The engine was quite. However when I went to pick my vehicle up he stated that there was a little oil that spilled while putting in the oil. So there maybe some smoke from oil burning off the manifold exhaust. I told him I took it for a ride and the smoke was bad and there was oil dripping. What could be the problem now. And is this acceptable? Should I take the mechanic to court?
would it be and let's go or fuel
We had a flood out in aberdeen washington. water got up to the doors on the rodeo. Now he runs rough and almost refuses to accelerate quickly. if i don't ease into the peddle he starts to bog down and around 2500 rpms he starts losing acceleration. also started doing this small bucking motion if it stays at a reasonable speed, also randomly.
just want to start off with I have replaced the starter and battery already. It does not want to turn over sometimes after small trips. long trips it does not seem to have this issue. it will not even try to turn over when it does this. any suggestions are welcome.
not work. how do I fix the problem? cost of repairs?
when I take the jumper cables off it runs for a minute then dies
He is trying to find a drive clutch for it and it had some parts missing on it. Any help would be appreciated and pictures of the parts as well.
Cpk and igntion mod fine. i think its flooding out. could jumped time cause this? I have no backfire or smoke. just spins and vapor comes out of breather.
where do I look for problem?
frontend allinement on 93 rodeo needed asap
What is the procedure to replace the timing belt and also the valve pan cover gaskets on a 1993 Isuzu Rode V6 engine, standard shift, two wheel drive?
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