1992 Isuzu Rodeo Questions

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92 isuzu rodeo
Wiring for ignition to starter
Getting no fuel and when I pour gas straight into it it runs until gas burns
This problem started out happening only occasionally then progresse. Have found that by turning off ignition and back on that the engine will run normally for awhile. This problem is sparatic sometimes in a 25 mile distance it can occour as many as 10 or more times, or not at all. Particular ly sensitivity to uphill.
I'm not sure if it could be welded or what other vehicles are compatible for that engine, 3.1.thanks
When trying to come to a stop the brake pedal didn't mash, a stiff-hard pedal, vechile kept moving as if I wasn't trying to stop.
the rear axle had started leaking and i was told it was the seals and bearings, it was, and now i opened up the diff only to find that the pinion shaft lock bolt has been snapped
is there a way to do a rear axle bearing and oil seal with c-clips on the axle with out opening the differential to pull the axle?? can i pull the axle without removing the c-clips? i see 4 bolts attached to the brake plate. will that work? what type of tools will i need to remove the axle work?
c-clips on the rear axle. i took the differential cover off and was going to remove the pinoin shaft but i broke the lock bolt with the pin still in the shaft. how do i get the broken bolt and pin out.
Im trying to get this 92 isuzu rodeo v6 3.1 4x4 (with 130,000 miles)going for my son.about 4 months ago we jumped started it(bad battery) and we took it to the gas station and put about 6-10gal of fresh fuel in it(had sit about 10 months prior to doing that)ran great there and back...brought it back home and parked it again,and that was 4 months ago,yesterday we ran down to walmart and bought a new battery for it,installed and went to fire her up,after many attempts it finally started but sounded like it was only running on 3 or 4 cylinders,sounded terrible,and lacked power( with accelerator floored it would only get up to 1500-2000 RPM) and as soon as I let off accelerator it would die) Went back out there today and now it wont even start period!!!Well my Dad(ex mechanic) always said either lack of fuel or fire is about all most problems are,so first i checked to see if it was getting fuel to eliminate filter or pump from the equation,and the TBI injectors are spraying a nice pattern of fuel when attempting to start? so I moved to spark, I just removed the coil wire off the distributor and pulled about 1/4 inch from frame while having son turn key over and It had nice spark? did the same to each plug wire and all sparked?? so im kind of lost as to what it could be? My only other thought was timing issue or skipped timing but this model has a chain(not belt)also I didnt see how that would have happend from just sitting....I thought mabee old fuel but it started fine and ran good last time we drove it 4-months ago! So im out of things to look at and could use some additinal advise or pointers at this point. thanks in advance for any help......
Does anyone have a copy of the driver door locking mechanism on a 1992 isuzu rodeo? Thanks, Steve
my rear is making a popping sound, someone said to check/add oil in the rear differential
I have an issue with my Rodeo when trying to crank it. It cranks fine when its cold (i.e. has been sitting over night or sitting in the parking lot at work for 8 problem) But say if i leave work and stop at the store before i go home, when i cut it off and go inside for a few minutes it wont crank when i come back out. Ive tried letting it sit for an hour or so at home and then seeing if it will crank, just so i can get an idea of how long it needs to sit. But even after an hour it still wont crank. It really needs to sit for a substantial period of time before it will crank again. Any suggestion on what might be wrong?
how do u change the oil pan gasket it has 4 wheel drive
I have put in a clutch kit, master clutch and slave cylinder but there is still no pressure in the clutch and it wont go into gear what could be wrong?
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