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I have a 2.3l 4dz1 isuzu i replace the head on i experience replacing cylinder heads and ive been satisfied with my end result no issues until this 4dz1. Ist belt on step by step from isuzu instructional videos got her all back together timed ready to drive,everything was good on my test drive until belt slipped. Tensioner was bad so i replaced it and the belt, fired her up 1 crank n shes sound good, off i go for my test run everything sounded good until my way back she died and it sounded like the belt slipped again pullled the covers off this time the belt is fine but TDC and cam lines r way off!! Anybody's info on what my issue is n how i can fix it will b greatly appreciated!! Thanks , Helpmy91

2.3l 91 4dz1 isuzu has fuel spark n compression but wont start it was running 3 days ago i put new fuel lines on it fired right up 4min later it died the carb was flooded so had the floats adjusted but it wont fire?
The brake lights works fine when my head lights are turned off. The tail lights are brand new. Turn lights works fine when lights are on. Just the head lights don't work. Everything works when the head lights are turned off.
where is the mass air flow sensor located on a 1991 Isuzu 2.3L pickup engine? Picture if possible. New fuel pump and filter. New head and intake gaskets. Starts and runs for about a minute then dies and won't restart for 1/2 hour or so.
Just replaced head gasket and intake manifold gasket. All vacuum lines connected. New plug wires. Back 2 cylinders not firing. Timing set properly.
My truck will not go into 4x4. I lock the hubs shift it into 4x4 High and low but my front wheels still dont turn.What should i do where should i start looking to fix the problem. ive replaced the end of the truck 4 years ago,mew hubs,cv axels all of it, Ive never worked on the transfer case.
The e-brake cable ends in a Y and then the cable go to each wheel. There is a stop nut that looks like a lead weight that goes into a holder. How do I loosen the cable so I can put it back into the holder and then how do I tighten it so I can have my E-brake working again.

Thank you,
David C.
The Left Torsion bar on my Isuzu pickup broke in two. Can anybody please give me a step by step procedure on how to Remove and replace it. Or give me a web address that would do that.

Thank you,
David C.
need skematic for 1991 isuzu p/u to see if there is a fuse link in electrical circuit
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