2000 Isuzu Hombre Questions

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How to remove the string arm and bushings
my waterpump is out and I just spent the last of my money to get a new one need to know how to do it and what tools
truck runs fine till the weather gets up to around 80 then truck wants to stall like it is not getting gas have replaced gas pump, filter, o2 sensor, vac hose, ecm, coils and still having the same problem?????? like I said it runs great when the outside temp is around 80 or so but when it get abouve that evpor lock??? any answers help
i need to put fluids back in my transmission i don't know if it takes trans fluid or gear oil
transmission lock down
The truck was shifting without problem and then started getting difficult to get it into gear until now and I cannot shift at all. When I turn the engine off, it shifts no problem. What could this be?
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