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When this happens, the dash lights go out but the headlights still work and the motor will crank over but not start? I have pushed/pulled wires in the steering column and played with switches. Nothing seems to work except let it sit after that and it will start. Relay getting too hot? Where would this relay be that controls the dash and power to ignition only?
Thank you
Le hice cambio de ecite y filtro y ahora no le entra la tercera velocidad
I'll start it and seems ok I'm park but a few seconds after putting it in drive it will die. every time doesn't make it more than ten feet. All possibilities and sugestions would be great.
The clutch pedal shaft is floating on left end of shaft so the clutch master cylinder does not engage. Looks like a guide or bushing has come apart.
It cranks but slow and the battery (+) cable gets hot
what would be the problem?
engine revs when in neutral but while driving has no power
The truck is a v6. It has one hose connecting directly to the radiator but I don't know where the other one goes.
Was working at times but only stays on cold now. I tested the switch it seems fine. Where should I look now ?
Seam like the vacuum pressure is high also like my breaks r aplayed
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