1997 Isuzu Hombre Questions

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Having trouble finding where the starter to this vehicle
there are three lines connect to fuel pump.
i disconnected all three but which one is the fuel pick up line? I'm concerned that one of the lines "if connected to tank" could push the bad fuel back into tank!
i just need to turn the key pump fresh gas into system like a flush but into bucket. I'm at a loss please help.
just installed new ac compressor, dryer, and orfice tube, noise coming from the area of the in line muffler
We just need to know cause we already replaced everything but that line.
need to find the location of the orifice tube or expansion valve on a 1997 isuzu hombre truck.
no grinding when not moving and no problems with other gears, can even go straight to 3rd from 1st if gets up to enough speed. Note mechanic told me I had some metal shavings in pan, but then he wanted to completely change the tranny too. What do I need to do to fix it?
1997 isuzu hombre has a rough idle and will not accelerate
clutch slave appears to be leaking, i have to refill it every 2-3 days, i have a hard time down shifting
anti lock brake light is on all the time. how can i troubleshoot the system to determine what caused it to illuminate.
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