1996 Isuzu Hombre Questions

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hesitation when cold, but runs ok after
warming up
replaced it because key would not rotate. now the new lock cylinder is not killing the engine when shutting of the key. so i have to stall the engine and disconnect the battery so i wont drain it because the power is on.
My temp runs at about 195 but when I turn on the a/c it starts climbing up I shut off air at about 230 why would it go up like that
how to remove a 1996 isuzu hombre starter on truck,do I have to remove the pipe hooked up to catalytic converter? Thanks first to access starter or work from the top of engine?Thanks
will not blow out front vents or floor,was told it maybe control unit in dash?????
i want a diesel engine for my hombre
can't get starter out. removed tranny brace and all other brackets. won't slide past engine mount. what's the deal here?
was driving the truck when it died and would not start again.
Had engine replace in my 1996 Isuzu Hombre in April 2009 and have had regular oil changes since. In the last month I have started having the truck show that my oil is low after I have driven say 35 to 50 miles (highway) and when I stop the truck sounds like a thrashing machine,which I figure may be the lifters but when I check the oil it shows that I am fine on oil and the oil is not burned or anything so my question is I was told that I may need to replace some kind of oil/fuel sensor,is this what I need and if so what exacatly called.
I had my engine rebuilt in April 2009 and recently when I start to drive for several miles, say 30 to 50 highway, my oil gauge shows that it is low on oil and you can hear the lifters. But I will stop and check the oil,which I also do before I leave the house since this has started, and it shows to be full. I have regular oil changes and I am about at my wits end. Can you please advise me on what I need to check or change? Thanks
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