2002 Isuzu Axiom Questions

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We jumped the car but as soon as it's put in drive car dies
Have removed the serpentine belt and a bolt but can not seem to reach the belt in front with Mt 12 mm socket.
I looking to purchase this automobile the seller said that it has a small oil leak. When I went to see it I could not see where the leak was coming from. Do you have any suggestions where it might be leaking at.
When pushing Auto it's green, but when you push defrost for front or back, there is a red light. I realized no heat is coming in.
How do I find out life average of 2002 Isuzu Axiom.
About a month ago, the satellite symbol on the display unit disappeared, also the clock and compass no longer works (only shows dashes.) How & where can this be repaired?
I got into my vehicle this morning the car felt like it wanted to cut off and the engine light was flashing. I drove only down about 4 blocks and turned around and came back home the light went off for a few seconds and then came back on flashing again. I've just had my starter replaced yesterday and was not having this problem before.
My car seemed to drive okay on the way & when I arrived. At lunch time..started my car & the light has not flashed again, even on the drive home. Should I be concerned or do I need to follow this up? Thanks in advance.
Earlier this year I replaced the EGR sensor, O2 sensors,plugs and boots. There are no mechanics in this small town that know anything about this car/truck, so I do all repairs myself. When these parts have an issue it tells the engine not to run so they must be replaced, I'd like to know what would cause these parts to not work I do have a computer hook up that gives me codes and it says these parts are the problem again. Any answer would be great, auto repairs here think I should junk my car but I can't do that and they didn't like the fact that I fixed it on my own, being female they can't stand it when I'm right. She isn't junk, there isn't an isuzu dealer or repair around here.
I just drove my 2002 Izuzu Axiom on a 1,000 mile road trip. Mid-way through the drive as I was pulling away from a gas station, I noticed first gear would not engage and the RPMs would soar when I tried to hit the gas from a stop. It also made a weird noise, like the gear was trying to catch but was just rubbing. Once I got going about 10 mph (and I'm assuming in 2nd gear), the car was fine and I drove the rest of the way. Reverse works fine as well. I bought the car with 120K miles on it and it now has 126K. I haven't had the transmission fluid checked since I bought it and I'm not sure the last time the previous owner had it checked. It looks like transmission issues are a common area that people get taken advantage of, so I wanted to get a little background before hearing back from the repair shop. Any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
Not all the time but when I go around curves
I was told by a mechanic to watch out of that
I use 5w-30 oil, 1000km it is normal to consume 1L oil.
since i am in Cameroon and bought this Used Axiom, the mechanics could not solve the problem. so i have pack the car. I love it and want it repaired and restored to its real strength. thanks
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