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Almost daily since I bought this backup car 18 months ago, the ABS brake light on the dash comes on. Sometimes not at all. According to what I've seen, there was a recall on the braking system, but my VIN# didn't show as having the recall done. If it is raining, the ABS light ALWAYS comes on. I hadn't had any problems until recently. I noticed a few weeks ago that the parking brake doesn't really work. I've checked the brake fluids and anything visible, but see nothing wrong. I've been driving it as if it has no ABS. Just this week, I started feeling a vibration going down our mountain when slightly braking. I believe that means the rear brakes are probably ready to be replaced. However, these current events have not increased or decreased the frequency of the dash ABS coming on, or not coming on. Should I take it in and have the brakes done as if there is no rear ABS (as that is the only brakes that's supposed to be), or should I do something different?
Is there another fuel pump or fuel sensor somewhere? It runs fine as long as I don't let the RPM's get above 2000.

My truck is a 5 speed...

Please help ...
I want to buy the half car with ORIGINAL HARDTOP for spare parts and make better my amigo 98 4x4, manual 2.2 engine. Should include at list the rear lights, Original wheel cover, original hard top with the rear door and window, Isuzu axiom rims with tires, trailer lock. To deliver to Texas.
-anyone knows where can I find it?-
It sounds like when you put a playing card in a bike tire, like a clicking noise, but it's only noticeable at lower rpm's. We just had the EGR replaced, and we need to replace the camshaft positioning sensor, but I don't think the sensor is what is causing the noise... Any suggestions?
Just washed a rats nest out of the engine compartment of an Izuzu Amigo,, left it running the whole time and drove for a bit afterwords,,, but now it wont start????
while driving my engine started making a loud tapping noise ( I would say knocking but I know what a rod knock sounds like and it wasn't that ). when I went to parkit , it started running really ruff. checked tining belt and it was missing a few teeth so I replaced it but still made the raddling noise when accelerating and ran a lil rough untill warmed up. checked for collapsed lifer and the all seemed ok. did compression test and one cylinder had no compression other one had low compression and other two were fine. so took off head had it resurface because was told there was an area that was rough or something. I believe it leeked oil out of that area. checked valves to see if they needed seeding but seemed ok, and now in the process of putting back together. could a blown head gasket havemade the rattling or tapping noise. . thanks for any info u may be able to give
Im told the engine is turning over, but to me it doesnt sound like its catching. I just had the starter replaced, but no luck. Is this a common problem? What am I missing?
I had posted the problems I was having this week and was trying to drive it to shop when it died. Wouldn't start back up. Had tow truck take it to shop and they told me I have a jump time situation. After they looked further into it the shop told me there were some internal parts that were broken and the engine would have to be replaced. They told me it would cost around $5900. They really didn't give me any technical information about exactly what was broken internally. Any suggestions? btw, I am female so I'm used to getting jacked around a little.
1998 Isuzu Amigo. Battery light is on as is check engine light. Hesitates a little when first giving it gas. Ran perfectly then sat for about a week. When I started it up, had these symptoms. Will bring to shop and get diagnostic codes tomorrow. Changed battery, spark plugs, oil and filter today. Not quite as noisy but, this is when I noticed the gas smell in oil.
Occurs during driving
Hello, I have a 1998 Isuzu amigo 2.2 dohc. My question is how can I test my coil pack. Before I make the decision to just replace it. It has a very weak spark when i crank it over. So is there a way I can test it with my ohm meter or take it to a dealership to have it tested. Car is giving me horrible performance
this vehicle had a cam pulley bolt to break causing the engine to jump time. The head was damaged but the pistons look great. New remanufactured head installed. New crankshaft position sensor, new coil, new fuel pump all installed. Engine turns but will not start. Could the knock sensor have been damaged? Would that cause it not to start? There are no codes. All fuses have been checked.
when started a loud knocking noise comes from in front of egine almost sounds like coming fom timing belt pullies but not sure
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