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Q: Issues with the Lincoln Ls on 2000 Lincoln LS

Hi all, having issues with the ride. My car will be driving fine, then these episodes will occur. First the temp gauge starts dropping completely to cold,a fan comes on, the car loses power, surges and occassionally stalls. The check engine light and traction control off light comes on. If the car doesn't stall, the temp gauge will return to normal and so does engine performance. The check engine light remains on till I clear it, but the trac off light is off the next time car is started. I have 164,000 miles on this vehicle. All plugs, two misfiring coils and all valve cover gaskets were replaced couple years back if anyone's interested. Radiator and thermostat are just a few years old. Battery just a a few years old and tested good. Don't recall testing alternator but haven't any obvious charging issues. Tranny flushed every 30,0000 miles and new solenoids were installed 5 yrs ago to correct hard shifting. My attempt at fixing this included a new TPS and IAC along with throttle body cleaning. This improved performance but didn't remedy reoccuring problem. The codes from CEL are P0113, P0453,P0123, P0193, P0708, P0705 AND P1289. All codes make reference to high circuit input. Your help would greatly appreciated, thanks.
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A lot of good info, thank you; although it's not making anything easier.

I don't think you have a specific component failure. If I had to guess, I would think there is a wiring connector somewhere along the way that is not seated 100%. This connector would contain the IAT, the FTP, the FRP, the TR, the CHT sensors... or perhaps a common ground.

There is an outside chance a charging system issue could be causing this, but I doubt it, since you restart after a stall.
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