Q: Issues with my 2003 C240 4matic on 2003 Mercedes-Benz C240 4MATIC

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Rear spring broke. the car is not driven hard and only serviced by the dealer. The car has 100500 miles. The driverside door pull is also broken. The Air conditioner stopped working and the dealer was unable to find a leak they said the system was low on coolant. The coolant just doesn't disappear. I wonder if the leak could be in the dash?
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coolant goes in the radiator. refrigerant goes in the a/c. they can add dye to the a/c system and it will show up eventually if there is a leak. rear spring is not normal, but MB will offer you no help after 4 years or
50,000 mile warranty has expired. door pull is plastic and breaks easily. you could save a ton of money by finding a good independent MB specialty shop and most of the dealers cannot be trusted.
Thanks for the info. The dealer said that they did put dye in the system and looked for trouble. I wonder if the problem is is the dash. If so this would cost atleast $1000 to check.
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