Q: Is water pump replacement and fuel system cleaning usual scams? on 2008 Lexus ES350

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Have my es350 in for a cosmetic detail and service mgr just called and said he saw "cotton candy" coming from water pump and it needs to be replaced. Car has 82k miles, but I feel like I'm being scammed. And I have seen no water leaking on the driveway. I'm picking it up and having it checked elsewhere... but any thoughts?
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If it makes you feel better, you can wait until the pump fails completely before you replace it, but the "cotton candy" description is accurate of what a small leak looks like on a Toyota with the red coolant. You have to remember that a very small leak will 1) only leak under pressure, such as when the car is hot and running, and 2) will evaporate before it hits the ground when the car is hot and running. I'm not saying that you're service advisor is right, as I have not seen your car, but the description of failure is plausible.