Q: is Oxygen sensor the same as Mass Airflow Sensor replacement? on 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe

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The dealer checked the "check engine" light and said this is what needs to be replaced, but I don't see that exact item here (Mass Airflow Sensor)
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It is not the same. Unfortunately, it is not listed using the Estimate feature of this site.

The mass air flow sensor can run from about $250 for a V6 to $500 for a 4 cylinder (Hyundai parts), and take about a half hour to replace.
No, the MAF comes off the clean air filter to the engine and the O2 Sensors are located in the front of the
engine comes up to the engine from the exhaust manifold. Looks like a spark plug with a wire coming out of it.
That is the up stream O2 Sensor, you do have others (O2 Sensors) But most of the time it is the upstream one
that is the problem. I have 2000 Hyundai Sonata 2.5L and the O2 Sensor was on recall back in 2002, was replaced and has been replaced again in 2005. I have 6 on this car all together, 4 on the engine and 1. on the
upstream exhaust and one on the exhaust pipe after the converter.