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Q: Is this really a sensor problem? on 2004 Dodge Stratus

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2004 dodge stratus 2.4L DOHC- after getting the car inspected- it passed legitamately- car ran for about 30 min then started acting like it wanted to die- had to double foot the petals to get it parked- engine light was blinking- had 1 mechanic change the ignition coil he got 2 error codes- (1) was p0250 and the other i believe was p0340- did not change anything- car still is not starting- 2nd mechanic changed cam sensor because cylinders 2 and 3 not firing- nothing changed- now debating on changing crank sensor however after looking on all the forums about this problem it seems this is also not going to work and have not been able to find what comes next- any ideas?
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Replace your spark plugs and ignition wires first. Code P0340 is the Camshaft Position Sensor circuit. Code P0250 does not exist for this vehicle. The cam sensors job is to sync the fuel injectors and ignition with the rotation of the crankshaft, hence the crank position sensor. If there is no input from the crank position sensor, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will not actuate the relay to supply 12 volts to the ignition or fuel injectors, there by a no start condition.
i have the same issue but have not yet replaced anything (same car and engine) could this also be timing jump? the belt and gears look good with about a 1/4-1/2 inch play in the belt. thank you
problem has been fixed after everything we went through- it ended up being the computer which we got online with a company that refurbishes them and also gives a lifetime warranty also- it's based out of florida but forget the name of the company- however it was less than half the price a dealer wants for it- after talking with more than 20 mechanics through 5 different dealers came to the decision they either no nothing about this car or do not want the average person to know- either way I am not a mechanic and with minimal help through an old friend i was able to figure out the problem- get a new pcm and be done with it- P.S. do not bother with plugs and ignition wire replacement-the code that is in question p0250 existed on 2 different autoparts stores test computer, 2 different dealers test computers( which they were nice enough to clear out after printing it by the way) and 1 other mechanics test computer- after seeing this 5 times on 5 different machines- i'm pretty confident that it does exist and if you still don't believe it well, the code believes it's real also
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