Q: Is there such a part as an gas filler neck tube pipe attached
to gas cap? on 1999 Toyota Camry

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Engine light came on--thought it was gas cap but
above part was put in to the tune of $500 Did I just need a new gas cap?
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Yes there is such a part. It is the pipe that makes the connection between the filler neck and the fuel tank. As far as you just needing a gas cap it would have depended on the condition of this pipe. If the pipe had developed a hole or had become porous due to rust or whatnot it needed to be replaced. You might of just needed a gas cap but without seeing the old part you'll have to go on faith that you didn't.
Evan - Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question about gas filler neck tube pipe -
I did ask for the old part back and yes it had rust on the bottom part of the pipe - replaced
the gas filler pipe and new gas cap for $500 and engine light off Thank you!