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Is there ANYTHING I can do to avoid having to replace my entire clutch assembly?

(1997 Subaru Legacy Outback)
in Denver, CO on September 17, 2011
Symptoms: I have a 5speed manual transmission 4-cyl wagon. I think the clutch is slipping. (Isn't that when the engine revs, but the speed of the vehicle does not increase, after shifting gears)? The vehicle still runs, but acceleration is a problem. IS THERE A component, or anything that can be done other than forking out anywhere from $900 - $1,500 to replace the entire flippin' unit--ASIDE FROM BUYING ANOTHER VEHICLE??? Please, no self-proclaimed "clever" remarks. I'm serious! I'm underemployed, and no one I know is in a position to shell out a small fortune either. I'm willing to try just about ANYTHING!
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on September 17, 2011
first of all, you cannot replace the vehicle for 900-1200. thats not even sales tax on another car.

you need another shop. we do those clutches for 599 plus fluid and tax. if it needs a flywheel, it adds about 160.

lastly, no, there is nothing you can do but replace the assembly.
on September 18, 2011
Hi Roy

first of all, thanks for your reply. Second, I AM aware I can't replace my vehicle for the amount mentioned. I said that because after spending an entire day on the phone and online, some "JOKER", who thought he was really "clever" and amusing, said that to me over the phone yesterday. Needless to say, I didn't share in his amusement and I strongly encouraged him to not embark on a career as a stand up comedian!
Third, after speaking with some pals who are more mechanically inclined, I realize that the parts in the assembly basically function as one unit, which would explain that the entire unit be replaced.
Lastly, $600 beats $900 - $1,400 any danged day. I think I can come up with that amount fairly soon, which means you might have yourself a customer. However, I'll first need to know where your shop is located. I'm in the Denver CO, area. Where are you located? Please know ASAP, how I might contact you via this post. I'll be checking back here periodically throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening.
on September 18, 2011
i wish i could help you but i am in phila, pa. not very close.

I work for pepboys which I looked on our charts and that is the price.

Let me know which area you are in and where your closest store is and i will check them out to be sure there are good guys there to do this for you.

on September 18, 2011
Hi Roy,

It's true Philadelphia is quite a long way from Denver CO!. Ok, I've been doing a good bit of comparison/quote checking online. There is an Auto Zone store near my residence, which quoted a clutch assembly (all the parts needed to replace my clutch, for my vehicle's specific make and model) new, w/lifetime warranty for $175 (w/tax). Obviously, that's just the part without labor. However, if you can get a quote, and/or can find out if there's a reputable repair shop in my area, who'll do it for near the price you mentioned, this will be good to know.
I actually live in the city of Denver, and not one of the outlying suburbs. I'm not at liberty to give out my address in that ANYONE who logs into this site could easily obtain that information. However, I can give you the zipcode of the area in which I live, if that will help. I'm in Denver, CO 80224.
Thanks again. I appreciate your willingness to help me! My financial resources are EXTREMELY limited, and I actually like my vehicle. It will be more cost effective to replace the clutch than to purchase another vehicle. It's an older car, I've put A LOT of miles on it, and it's just a plain old fact that parts are going to wear out and need to be repaired and/or replaced. Besides, I really don't want to deal with the hassle of getting plates, emissions, registration and all of the other "joyous" experiences everyone must endure when they obtain another vehicle!
on September 18, 2011
remember, the quote for the clutch replacement includes the parts. it is a Luk clutch which we have had good results. I will get back to you tomorrow with the stores.

on September 26, 2011
Hi Roy, it' the Sidewinder with the Subaru in need of a clutch repair again. You gave me some really good advice last time, you've worked on these "beasts" before. Therefore, I figured you might be able to render some more useful advise. (Dang, I wish you/your store was in Denver, CO---I know--"wish in one hand, s**t in the other, and see which fills up first")
Here's what it is: After contacting a NUMBER of places, I got someone who gave me a quote for $685 (which isn't bad, compared to some of the others I've had. I'll likely go with him because he has certification, a shop, and he guarantees his work for 12 months. The only thing I find a bit "unnerving" is, the price of the clutch assembly. I got a quote for a Duralast clutch assembly kit from Autozone for $159.99 ($173+ change w/tax). Here's the deal. He told me the assembly they would put in was $255, and that if he put in the Duralast kit from Autozone, that he could not guarantee his work. (Which basically leaves open for anything to go wrong and it's up S**T creek I will be.)
I'm tempted to say "I guess they have to make a buck somehow", but I don't want to cause contempt. However, I am compelled to ask WHY that would be. Do they have a contract (aka - "commercial account") with a given auto parts maker, in which they get a "whole sale" price, and are able to resell the parts to customers at retail, or possibly a marked up price. I could save almost $80 if that were the case.
My final question is, do you (or does anyone, for that matter, on this forum know of anyplace in Denver, CO who can repair my vehicle for about $600? If not, I understand, but I figure it won't cost me anything to ask.
on September 27, 2011
ok, realize that he is in business to make money not exchange dollar for dollar.
if you provide the part, then you carry the warranty, it is that simple. if he provides the part, the store that sold him the part carries the warranty.
we do the same thing when people provide parts. we warranty our labor only. if the part fails, you pay the labor 100% again for us to do it.

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