Q: Is there any way to disable the automatic door locking system on this vehicle. on 2013 Hyundai Tucson

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When I get out of the car and close the door, within 23 seconds the car locks itself. Very inconvenient and Infuriating! If I want my car to be locked, I will lock it. I would also like to disable the bells and whistles that go off as part of the anti-theft system.
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I cant help at all but i sure agree with "if i want my car to be locked i will lock it". To many gadgets anymore and most aint worth a sh..!
Just took the problem Tucson to my dealer. Their guys worked on it for an hour (I could hear the horn beeping repeatedly back in the service area.:)). They admitted defeat and referred the problem to the Hyundai TechHelp group and said that they would be in touch when they got an answer. Two hours later, I got a call. TechHelp said that, with the fob that I have, you can activate or disable the autolock feature by simultaneously depressing the Unlock and the Hatch Release buttons on the fob. Fob will beep once indicating autolock feature is enabled, twice indicating it is disabled. You must do this with the silver master fob. Hope this helps anyone with this problem. The local Hyundai shop was very helpful on this. I don't know why Hyundai doesn't brief them on this and why instructions aren't available anywhere though. I guess like a lot of this computer stuff, you are just supposed to grok how it works.
That info. should be in the owners manual or at least the service techs. should know! No way to just know (grok) that unless you designed it. Cool to know this, will be handy in the shop, thanks!
Ps, frankly I don't see the purpose for the car to lock itself anyway.
Any chance you have the owners manual , or access to the salesman who sold you the car , to get info?
I have the Owner's Manual. Virtually no info about the keyless lock system. The fob that came with the Tucson (Limited) is not described. In fact it is different than that issued with the car. That is, I had a remote start included when I purchased it which meant a different fob. The gus at the dealership are trying to help but seem as uncertain as I am. I checked the HMA Service site. Not too helpful.