Q: is there any clutch adjustment on my 2004 mini cooper s ??
on 2005 Mini Cooper S

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the clutch seems to be strong but it has to much free play.
i have to have it on the floor before i can shift gears.

also is the boost gauge vaccum or electric operated? right now it isn't working. i am trying to trouble shoot it.
(1) Answer
Should be hydraulic set-up on that.Clutch master cyl. or slave cyl. may be leaking. Have you checked the fluid reservoir....IF it's low add the proper (may be dot4 , not dot3) brake fluid and pump pedal SLOWLY to help purge some air out of the line. If this improves the situation then get the leak diagnosed.I can give some tips on that if you want. If it's not low fluid then I would next suspect the pressure plate and disc are worn...What kind of miles on the clutch?