Q: is there an access panel for turn signals ? on 2006 Cadillac SRX

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they want 400.00to take off the bumper and 4.00 for the bulb
(1) Answer
Open the hood.
Remove the push-pin retainers that secure the top of the upper fascia and grille assembly to the upper tie bar to allow the upper fascia and grille assembly to flex forward.
Remove the bolt and the push-pin retainer that secures the top of the headlamp assembly to the upper tie bar.

Gently pull the upper fascia and grille assembly forward only far enough to remove the bolt located at the bottom inboard side of the headlamp assembly.
Pull the headlamp assembly straight out to disengage the snap-in retainer at the lower outboard back surface of the assembly. Turn the assembly so that the front inboard corner clears the front fascia.
Pull the headlamp assembly out and away from the vehicle
Disconnect the headlamp electrical connector.
Remove the headlamp assembly from the vehicle.
Remove the headlamp bulb cover from the headlamp assembly.
Remove the headlamp bulb socket from the headlamp assembly.
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