Q: is there a way to reset the PCM without having to bring it in to the dealer? on 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada

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I just changed the computer with a used one, the vehicle runs really rough and has no power.
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you cannot use a used one as the pcm has info from the other car, not yours. a dealer may be able to re flash it but not guarenteed. the re flash is about 169.
i suggest a re built unit that is already flashed from your vin number.
did you find out why your pcm failed?? if not, then the new one may fail if you do not find the issue.

Thank you very much for your expertise, the guys at the salvage yard should have told me that before before i dumped $50 on it. :( Do you have any idea about how much a rebuilt unit will run me? I have had nothing but problems with the electrical system on this vehicle since I've owned it. Also I replaced the motor in the car and I used the pcm that came with the car. The motor came out of an astro, and it ran fine...
it may be out of an astro but you have a bravada. before you go any further, you need a good electrical shop that can properly diag this for you. this is an expensive guess.
the re man pcm is about 300 with the flashing.