Q: Is there a simple repair for lifter noise. Or could it be something else. on 2003 GMC Yukon

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I have a 5.3 that has a ticking noise on cold start.Goes away shortly.All else is great no oil usage etc.
(2) Answers
At your next oil and oil filter change replace one quart of the engine oil with one quart of marvel's mystery oil. The marvel's is supposed to clean and lubricate the engine internally. If you have a while before your oil change is due, replace the oil filter, and top the oil off with no more than one quart of the marvel's mystery oil. Do follow the instructions on the marvel's back label.
There is a oil strainer inside the engine oil pan ,it have one rubber o ring type seal, if it is collapse or bulge it makes oil pressure drop from there, after engine hot it comes tighter ,this makes when engine starting time tick tick noise and after few mints it goes . pleas replace your engine oil strainer seal and use 20-50 viscosity oil.