Q: Is there a relay that controls the inside heater blower circuit? on 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

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When car is turned off, the heater blower will continue to run. I can turn it off with swich, but the battery is dead in the am. With key off and removed, the blower is running, I then disconnect battery, then reconnect, the blower is off.
But not sure if there is current still draining from battery.
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Depending on the relay, that might not be the issue. You might just be disconnecting power to the blower system. Curious to know how this turned out.
There is a resistor that controls the power to the blower motor for the lower speed settings. The power goes through this resistor to the motor. This is probably your problem. If you can locate the blower motor more than likely below the passenger side dash, the only wire connector going to the motor comes from the resistor. Most are only held in by 2 screws with 2 connectors for wires. Usually not very hard to replace. Some vehicles have the resistor integrated with the motor so you will have to beware of that. if so most motors are only held in by 3 to 4 screws anyway. Hope this helps. If you need a little more help just reply.
I found a relay that was sticking MR538851, although I can't verify it is the problem.
When removed, the battery does not drain down over night, Replacement is on the way.
Located in the engine compartment, smaller box apr 1 x 6 with several relays inside.