Q: Is there a relay for the AC/Heater Blower motor? Where is it located? 2003 Vibe
on 2003 Pontiac Vibe

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Blower motor stopped working. Have not pulled it to test it yet. It was suggested to me that a Relay may be the problem. I cannot find if and where this relay is located. It's not in the under-dash drivers side fuse box and not in the fuse box under the hood according to the fuse layout in the owner's manual.
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easiest way to tell if it's the resister you'll loose setting one two then three. when this happens you should change blower motor and resister
Already changed resistor. Now I need to determine if blower motor or relay. Both are costly so I'd rather not go through the guessing of which one is bad. Need to know where the relay is so I can pull it and test it.
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