Q: is there a problem with the four speed automatic transmission on 2007 Dodge Nitro

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when I take off slow from a stop, the trany seems to kick when going into second gear. If I go a little faster from a stop,,,it doesn't do it near as bad..sometimes not at all.
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Hard shifting could be a sign of transmission problem whether internal or in the electronics. Check your trans fluid, should be up to level and clean and clear. If it's dark, black or burnt smelling, I suspect internal problems. You need a Chrysler specialist or a transmission shop.
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hello Superbob,
I just bought the nitro, it had 27,000 miles on it. It now has 27,350 miles on it. I told the dodge dealer what it was doing, so they took it in and checked it out and said they could not find anything wrong. I didn't think they would find anything. I have talked to other people that have dodge, chryslers, and jeeps,,most have told me it is the nature of the beast. That they shift rough and will kick. I will check the trany myself and have a look , see if it's dark. The only problem is, the dealer could have changed the transmission fluid before I bought it or when I told them about the problem,,figuring I may check, or have it checked. I think if they changed the fluid it would be tough to tell if there is a problem right away.
Thanks for helping out. I appreciate it.
My Nitro does the same thing. I was also told by the dealership that their cars sometimes shift hard but on their cars there is a lifetime warranty on transmissions as long as you own the vehicle. I changed gas and it stopped for a while. Now I will check the for the color of the transmission fluid.
I am experiencing the same issue with my 2007 Nitro R/T 4.0, automatic. After having the EGR replaced at the dealer it seemed better but the hesitation still lingered. I replaced the PCV valve with minimal change to the overall experience. On coast then acceleration the engine RPM revs and the vehicle won't go. To fix this I have to pull over, put it in park, turn off the engine, restart after several seconds and everything resets and off I go. Seems the restart resets the electronics controlling the transmission which appears to be the problem. I suspect it is the Transmission Speed Sensor solenoid which is at fault. Scheduled to have that replaced next week. Will have to report back.