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Q: Is there a low oil safety feature on the 2001 Galant that will shut down motor? on 2001 Mitsubishi Galant

I was driving and a large piece of tire rubber in the road hit under my Mitsubishi 2001 Galant. I was not aware that it had knocked lose my oil filter. Kept driving and the oil light came on in about 20 minutes and the motor shut down or as tow truck man said, "this motor is seized up". Is the motor ruined or are there steps I can take to see if I can bring her back to life?
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You need another engine, sorry but you should have stopped the vehicle when the WARNING light came on!
I did stop when the oil light warning came on....I pulled over to the side of the interstate and shut down the car. When I tried to restart acted like the battery was dead...nothing. If the warning light would have come on when I hit the piece of rubber I would have stopped immediately. Does it sometimes take awhile for the low oil light to come on when you are losing oil?
Ok, have a mechanic check it out but it dont sound to promising!
I wish you good luck though.

Mechanic should try to turn engine manually, SLIM chance but i have seen some stranger things happen in this business over the YEARS.
Hope you get lucky! If it turns out that it can be started and is ok, i think you should go buy a lottery ticket!!
I will ask mechanic to try to turn engine manually...I appreciate your response and if indeed the engine can be saved I will buy a few lottery tickets!!!! But like winning the lottery, I have a feeling my changes of saving this engine are not good...slim to none!! Sad because the car is great looking and has served me well.
Well i hope it works out in your favor. But if not it aint the worse thing that can happen, or if it is, you're still lucky!
True...but I don't think I will invest in a new motor. Had to do that about 3 years ago when the timing belt broke while driving to work...cost of motor and installation...probably not worth again due to the age of the car. Thanks!
Well,,,, that's a tough call! There is no advice to give in a case like this. D...... if you do & D....... if you dont, i guess.
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