Q: Is there a difference in a race and a shim in the rear differential? on 2001 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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Auto store keeps selling me a race for p/n80211 (even Chevy house) and according to the vin its the right on but not true this part will not go evenly with hole even with a race knocker how would I got about making progress not sure if auto store employees actually know the difference in part names unless they haveseen before.or is the race/shim supposed to be fitted/filed? PLEASE HELP
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The race is what the bearing rides in. A shim fills a some sort of void to increase the thickness. What on earth are you trying to do?
Sorry they replaced the rear differential entirely but the front seal was not good needless to say I drove it for a day then one of the bearings on the pinion was aatecompletely up so they replaced the race (tried) instead the race is too large I believe the correct term is inner bearing well its not fitting sorry don't know how to upload photos to show what I'm talking about but its the hole that the pinion goes in for sure at the back of the differential housing. These are what I found on diff housing by the arm W9. 8857 1301 pretty sure in this combination is the part number but me being a girl I really am not sure how to name part numbers but I know a little bit single mother college student really can't afford shop prices this is my last option before I sell
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