Q: Is there a cabin air filter in 2004 Ultimate and if so,how do you change it? on 2004 Lincoln Town Car

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My service manual says to change the cabin air filter every 30,000 miles if equipped but nothing in the manual tells me if the 2004 town car Ultimate has a cabin air filter?
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Go to and they will show you how to install one in your TC of making one out of a Jeep Air Filter,I have an 03 Sig and you raise the hood and under the Right Wiper Blade underneath the plastic housing you will see the area to put the Filter(JEEPS) to make a cabin filter,all the info is on that website,Dig around you will find it .Good Luck
I dug, I used search words , filter, cabin, hepa, etc whatever I could think of in the tech section and came up empty. Some guidance would sure be appreciated. TIA, Mike.
HI Mike,Here we go,go to"",then on home page you will see "TECH" hit that then you will see"TOWN CAR" scroll down to "98 Town Car Cabin Air Filter Install" click that on and you will see all the INFO there,Let me know how you make out,Good Luck!