Q: Is the rear wheel cylinder and the drum the same thing? on 1994 Ford Thunderbird

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The two seem to be used interchangably? Or am I misreading the terms?
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Because of your lack of experience you need to spend $26.95 to get all the factory info on your car for a whole year. Wetry is correct, you are dealing with a life and death repair.
To replace the wheel cylinders is not hard with the proper info.
HA!HA! I have no intention of working on my car... I'm not a mechanic. I just wanted to understand the terminology:-) Right now, there is a small leak on the right rear break. Being a woman, I need to know what is necessary to repair the problem, so I don't get over charged. I appreciate RepairPal info,as your input helps me understand better. My bigger concern is the EGR valve causing the engine to surge while at a stop, or when backing up.
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