Q: is the blower motor located behind the airbag? Trying to replace the resistor
on 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

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No heat/air at all on any speeds. Have gotten under the dash but have come to the airbag. No help on internet for this year of car and the replacement of the resistor. Thank you.
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Trying to understand your question. When you say no heat do you mean that the blower is not blowing any air out the vents.
There is help on the internet. Go to . You will find any info on your car for $26.95 for a whole year.
Sorry . . yes. The blower is not blowing any air out the vents at all. Hoping to find some FREE knowledge as both incomes just laid off last week! Tis the season. Thanks for the direction though! Would be all ears to any other advice
if it blows cold air the check it might be the hose that goes from the motor to the heater system some people have the same problem due to some kind of cancellation. which means that the hose is not going to the heater system.