Q: Is rear spring breakage common on this car? I was told it was by a garage. on 2001 BMW 325xi

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I was told that the upper leaf of my rear spring was broken, and it needs replacement along with the rear shocks, and that this was common on this car. Is that true?
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There are no leaf springs - they're all coil springs. I believe it is common because the same thing happened to both my rear springs then my front spring (at around 195k miles). I changed them out for new ones and got new shocks and struts at the same time - now the car drives like it just came off the showroom floor! BTW - you can save money by changing the shocks and struts yourself, but leave the springs to the experts - they're very dangerous to change if you don't know what you're doing. Good luck!
They are leaf springs. The mechanic pulled the rear wheel off to show me the top leaf that was broken. I have the sport suspension, so that may be the difference. Maybe the standard suspension has coils.
Oh, sorry then. My 01 325xi has standard suspension I guess. 4 coil springs. But those do go after a while. Maybe the steel also weakens too much on the leaf springs too?