Q: Is necessary to take uot wheel? on 1991 Nissan Maxima

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I change the master cylinder of my car myself. I need take aout the wheels of my car by take out the air of the system?
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Caution: Carefully monitor brake fluid level at master cylinder during bleeding operation.

Fill reservoir with recommended brake fluid. Make sure it is full at all times while bleeding air out of system.

Place a container beneath master cylinder to avoid spillage of brake fluid.

Bleed air according to the following procedure:

Left rear wheel cylinder (or caliper), Right front caliper, Right rear wheel cylinder (or caliper), Left front caliper

To bleed air out of lines, wheel cylinders and calipers, use the following procedure:
1. Connect a transparent vinyl tube to air bleeder valve.
2. Fully depress brake pedal several times.
3. With brake pedal depressed, open air bleeder valve to release air.
4. Close air bleeder valve.
5. Release brake pedal slowly.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until clear brake fluid comes out of air bleeder valve.
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you must bleed the brakes after replacing a master cylinder. easier if the car is raised on a lift, but
not impossible on the ground.