Q: Is Motor Mount Replacement A Big Job on 2002 Ford Escort

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I couldn't find motor mount replacement in the estimator guide on this website. Can anyone tell me an estimate for a 2002 Ford Escort 4 door. I just bought the car today - it test drove ok but today there was a strong vibration and shaking on the right passenger side of the car, especially when I brake. I was told it could be a sagging motor mount - hope this can be fixed and it's affordable.
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Ignore my earlier answer. If you notice this especially when braking, you need to check your caliper mounting bracket to make sure the two bolts are tight and secure. Also, check that the slider pins are loose and free and lastly, the rotor itself may be warped and worn out. My earlier answer assumed this was a motor mount issue but I do not believe so. Sounds more like brake system issue.

Were you able to fix it? I understand the vibration is common for this model (I just bought one in July with the same problem) and the fix is to have the repair shop loosen the motor mounts and then tighten them back down. I've bought all 4 mounts from RockAuto for about $80 total. The local shop gave me an estimate of $99 to replace the two front ones.
Thanks for your answer - yes the problem is mostly resolved now - from other responders on a Ford website (and also thru the mechanic of the people I bought the car from)it is definitely a problem with this model. It is not a safety issue, yet a design flaw. And found out from the mechanic of the seller that they already replaced the mounts, and the seller had taken good care of the car. One solution which worked was to put the car in neutral when it idled like at a traffic light, then the vibration would stop completely - and then I put it back in drive when ready to go. And this is very interesting - I recently needed to have the alternator replaced, and since it was replaced the vibration is way less than ever before - so much so that I hardly put it into neutral any more. Go figure! I will keep in mind what you said about the mounts in case I need to have the vibration adjusted some more. Thanks again.
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