Q: Is it possible to put the interior from a 94 towncar into a 91 towncar? on 1991 Lincoln Town Car

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The dash in the 94 is digital, but analog in the 91 I was only wondering if it would connect to the sensors and work as if it had in the donor car or do I need to change the sensors out aswell the engine shows to be the same and the transmission is the same it should work right?
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It will not be a direct plug in, and will require some effort, but I think in the end you may have success.

The 91 and 94 do share many components and there were not that many you have a donor car, you just need to step by step swap what you need.
Thanks, I'm not much of a Ford fan so I thought I might get another opinion before progressing any further! I was hoping someone might have already done it and had some pointers of what not to do to save me a headache, but thanks again for your assistance!
It's not a common deal to replace the components as you mentioned. I have never seen it done before personally. Only 1990 to 1992 I believe were conventional on the dash, and then it went digital. I am a bit concerned about the possible speed signal for the speedometer, but I'm not entirely sure. The body style was the same from 1990 - 1996, but the engine changed in 1991, and stayed the same through the run. I believe the transmission changed that year as well; I know the AOD was non electronic in 1990, but I believe the AODE was employed in 1991 as electronically controlled.

You are sure to have headaches in this swap, but I'm unclear as of yet where it will be. I think your wire connectors at the cluster will be different, for sure. This could mean that you may have to rewire the whole deal. Again - possible to accomplish, but not likely to be easy.
I'm hoping on just running the wire harness through the firewall and if it doesn't plug in I know I might have to change a few sensors Yeah it already is sounding like a headache, but heck I have plenty of time to work on it! LOL Now I just need to get the motivation to finish It!
Sometimes it's just a matter of the challenge being enjoyable. It's the difference between being a "hobbyist" or repairing by necessity. Keep us posted on your progress!
Yeah I was always told that there is a differance between a parts changer and a mechanic! No offense to anyone here! I do just change parts from time to time, but anyway I will update on the progress that I make! If I make any progress at all! Lol
Have a marvelous weekend everyone, Gittruckin aka James!
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