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Q: Is it possible to have bad flywheel and starter causing it to knock real bad? on 1999 Ford Windstar

We were told that it had bad flywheel and starter at beginning last week.Then two days ago we were told that it had rod knocking.Is this possible when it had no symptoms prior to sending it to the shop?A day before it was put in shop they said the engine was to mechinacally sound to find anything wrong with it.
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Yes,they has said there were couple teeth missing.The thing that gets me is the fact that before anything was said he knocked off 150 bucks from bill and then said they were missing and when asked how it could go from running fine the day before when they told me to go ahead and drive it he replied that he wasn't exactly sure what happened to it but it happens!To me it sounded a little suspicious the way they were acting and the owner of the repair shop wouldn't even speak or open the door to talk to me.
It made a really loud weird noise and I didn't want to tear it up so I sent it to shop.After having it for a day or so I went by and was told that it was to mechanically sound and they didn't know what was wrong with it.They then told me to take it and drive it and if it acted up again or broke down then they would fix it.The next morning when got off work I went out to start it and it wouldn't start so I called and they towed it in.After having it for the third day I called and was told that it was flywheel and possibly starter.A weel later I still hadn't heard from them so I called and was told that it was bad news and that the motor was bad and I needed to get different one.I then went there and that when they discounted price and told me what I had said in prior message.
Now makes more sense. Sounds like may be having head gasket problems causing fluid into cylinders causing hydrolock when try to start engine, this can cause broken flywheel and broken teeth and damage to starter. The noise you heard sounds like what happens when try to crank engine and the hydrolock kicks back against the starter trying to turn engine and the result is the flywheel and starter damage. You can compress air but not a fluid. It is like a hunk of steel on top of piston when trying to move up and down inside the cylinder. Typically the head gasket can be done, replace flywheel and starter and deal with anything found during disassembly so would be curious why they said the engine is bad unlesss they want to only change the whole block instead of teardown for head gasket. Ask why engine is said to be bad and get back to me and see if my story or theory is correct. Thanks.
I know when I got it back two days ago that the oil was overfilled,there was water everywhere under hood and it would just click.There are parts in the back of it and suprisingly it started today but has a very loud and constant knockn sound.I will call and ask them tomorrow and see what they tell me.Thank you very much for your advice and help.Hopefully they tell me something when I call them.Thanks again!
hi i have a 2011 chevy impala and its making a weird sound when i put in gear. then i wouldnt move. could it be the flywheel?
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