Q: Is it possible to be getting spark but still have a bad distributor? on 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

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My car is getting spark but it seems like berry little, is it possible the distributor is bad.
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I have been doing auto repair for a living for 44 years! .. I would not have suggested the distributor as suspect if it were not possible!!! .. Furthermore I have had to replace a wheelbarrow full of these distributors on the 3.3L V/6 .. Did you read the information I suggested found on this page under > 1997 Nissan Pathfinder Pronlems? ..... Evidently not! ... Good luck to ya...
Sorry did not mean to upset u, yes I did. I am just slightly confused. I have spark and fuel. All I'm asking is, if I have spark, then isn't the distributor good? Or could ther be an internal problem causing not enough spark.
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Is the MIL on? Are you getting signal from the cam/crank sensors? Is your mass air flow dirty?
OWNER: IF ignition spark from plug wires will not jump a 3/4 inch air gap (that's approx 20kv) to a metal ground REPLACE THE DISTRIBUTOR! .. This distributor contains 'multi components, is subject to bushing wear and is virtually non serviceable .. Weak spark is one of the usual symptoms... Spark got to be HOT! .. Remember this: ALL the engine needs to start & run is proper 'on time' ignition spark - fuel and compression... That's it! .. The rest is simply performance related... (How well and efficiently it runs).
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