Q: Is it possible for, when the alternator goes out on my car, that it overheats? on 1996 Ford Crown Victoria

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My 96' Crown Victoria started acting up a short while ago, suddenly losing charge and shutting down. I knew I was on borrowed time. Earlier this morning the battery light came on, and I lost power steering. As I arrived at my house after nursing it home, I realized my temperature gauge was very nearly maxed, and after turning the car off, I became aware of a sound under my hood. After opening the hood, I realized my coolant was boiling in it's reservoir. Help?
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It sounds like the drive belts in the front of the engine on your 1996 Ford Grown Victoria have come off. There could be one or more belts involved. When you look under the hood you should be able to see quite readily if the belts are in place or not.