Q: Is it normal for Tempurture Gauge to be in middle on 2002 Cadillac DeVille DTS

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Just got car drove it 300miles LA to Sac at night,then on a 95 degree day car was ideling for about 15min toping of transaxel fluid,and the temperture gauge went to the middle then a lil bit over the middle than kicked back to the middle when the fans came on is this normal for the Cadillac Northstar engines to do this.

(1) Answer
That is fairly normal operation for any newer engine. The cooling fans will not turn on until the temp reaches about 224 degrees. As long as the gauge went only slightly over center and then back down when the fans turned on you should be OK. The temp runs a bit lower while driving due to the constant air flow across the radiator. I am assuming the coolant level is correct and the low coolant light is not on.