Q: Is it necessary to change the pully's and tensioner when A/C compressor goes?
on 2006 Kia Sorento

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My car makes this sqeaking sound, took it into the shop, they said the A/C compressor was out and it needed to be replaced along with the pully's and tensioner plus 3 belts. 2006 Sorento 44,000 miles. Could I be getting ripped off?
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Try going to the Hyundai dealer for warranty issue. Is your A/C compressor out? as in broken? or does not come on? Belts could be a maintenance issue but it's hard to accept the tensioner and pulley replacement. You could be getting ripped off.
My compressor is not broke, but I turned the car on and looked at the compressor actually I was told it was the compressor, but it had a belt around it, it wouldn't spin and it squeaked, then about a second later, it would spin and stop squeaking. It doesn't do it all the time and I just noticed it recently as it got colder and more snowy. Should I get a second opinion? should get another opinion...If the squeak goes away whenever the compressor cycles "on" then you may most likely have an A/C pulley or tensioner pulley issue. Hard to pinpoint because I am only going by what you say here.
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