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Q: Is it mandatory to install new circlip on inner cv joint? on 1990 Nissan Maxima

I replaced my front left cv joint with a new one. I immediately noticed a fluid leak. I removed it frome the transaxile the next day AND replaced the oil seal. Is it necessary to replace the circlip on the inner cv joint when I reinstall it?
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Cant answer that as I have never tried it! But i think the inner cv joint would dislodge from diff. gear if no clip were on the shaft.
Unless it has been done before on a vehicle just like yours, NO one can say fore sure! Now if you messed it up or lost it you can get a new one. Maybe some who has tried it will know more!
Thanks for your response. Actually I left the circlip that was on the inner cv joint when I removed it but I didn't know if you need to replace it or reposition it or what. I really don't understand how it works. I'm clearly out of my comfort zone in this area of auto mechanics or any area actually. For the record, I should have explained I'm working on my nieces 90 maxima.
This clip helps to retain the axle in place, it has to go all the way into the gear of the transaxle no need to replace it or reposition.
'Carefully' install axle make sure splines engaged and push like hell to seat axle, may have to put the big nut on, screw it up until it is flush on the end of the threads and tap it with a hammer. When axle is seated should not be able to pull it out by hand by gently pulling out on axle.
May want to get a car buddy to help! At least to hold spindle out of the way, if not tied so.
Thanks! That answers my question. I should have been more explicit initially. I should have ask; can a circlip be used more than once or should you replace it when you reinstall the exact same cv joint? By explaining how they work and considering their inexpensive cost, you have answered my question. Thanks again!
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