Q: Is it common to need the hub replaced when a wheel bearing needs to be replaced? on 2005 Honda Pilot

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Can a mechanic tell that the hub needs to be replaced, along with the bearing, before taking it apart
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depends on how bad the wabble is. most of the time he is being honest in case it needs one instead of quoting one price and after its apart calling you with more bad news. i agree with his intensions
If it's on the rear , then it's all one assembly. On the front , as previously stated , it depends on the amount of damage done prior to getting it checked.In some cases the hub can be damage by the inner race of the bearing. Sometimes you can't really tell until you go to press it off.Also be prepared for needing to replace the speed sensor , they can sometimes be damaged during the process.Hope the tech also knows the bearing only goes in one way , or you'll get the ABS light on right away.
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