Q: Is front wheel bearing failure a common problem? on 2007 Mazda CX-9

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Noise when stopping and at all speeds.
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I don't know that front wheel bearings are a common problem for these cars but I hear that the rear bearings are a more common issue. Don't forget that tire noises sound a lot like bearing noises so make sure your tire pressures are OK and the treads are not unevenly worn. Next, try raising the car off the ground safely and in neutral, spin the wheel by hand and feel the strut, often you can feel a bad bearing this way. With the wheel off the ground, you can grab the tire and forcefully attempt to wiggle the wheel to feel of there's any looseness and rotate the wheel to feel for roughness. If you have the car safely off the ground on stands, you could run the engine and spin the wheels in gear to see of you can hear any bearing noise. Front wheel bearings are an expensive job so you want to be sure... Also, wheel bearings tend to make more noise while turning one way than the other or driving straight so listen for that too.