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Q: Is a tune up the same as a scheduled maintence visit? on 2000 Toyota Corolla

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The article on "Tune-Up: What Exactly Is It?" seems to suggest that a tune up does not exist and that it is the same as what is done during scheduled maintance visits.

Page toyota in detroit michigan said I needed a tune up as well as 60,000 mile scheduled maintance. I really don't know anything about a car so I am wondering what is true.

Are they 2 different things?
There is no real tune-up since computer controlled vehicles.
Tune up use to mean replace spark plugs, set dwell, adjust points and ignition timing, set mixture, idle, etc.. Now some of these functions are taken over by sensors and computers and no adjustments necessary or possible.
What has to be done in these "modern times" is maintaining the right conditions for the computer and the drive train to do its job correctly, this is what's called the Manufacturer's Suggested Maintenance or Scheduled Maintenance.
I guess "tune-up" will stuck with us, however the meaning is different now.

thank you for responding, I am still wondering , When I take it in they want to perform scheduled maintaince for a cost and also a tune up for a additional cost. Are they doing the same things twice?

Or should I go somewhere else and Just as for scheduled maintaince and it will do all the parts of a fune up?
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Your manufacturer has a maintenance schedule that you should follow closely. At 60 K it is very possible that the manufacture has listed the spark plugs for replacement at this mileage depending if the original plugs were copper or plat. The word tune up is an old word that many service writers still use for plug replacement. You should have a maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for your reference if not email me and I will send you one.
A 60,000 mile scheduled maintinance is about $ 300 to $ 400. All they do is to check your car to see if anyhing is wrong! That's it! Oh... And an oil changebig ripoff!
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