Q: Is a rate quote required? on 2010 Chevrolet Traverse

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When going to a business in California that specializes in oil changes (Jiffy Lube, etc), is a written estimate of the work to be done required? If even for just an oil change? I've been told yes and no, and am looking for clarity. Thanks.
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For simple changes, IE oil, trans coolant, refrigerant, tires, California does not require a written estimate before work is performed. For any other types of repairs then a estimate, is still not required, but most place with give you something in writing letting you know what is going to take place, what is being replaced, and also that during the repair process, there might be something else that needs to be fixed that was not seen until they started to replace the parts. I work in California, with my own company and I give all of my clients a written estimate before any work is done. That just helps protect me and my company. But there is no law stating that you have to do it.
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