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Q: Is $900 for a new exhaust system outrageous, I think it is. on 2001 Toyota Camry

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I have not had any problems with this car. It has 76000 miles and has been well cared for. The engine light just went off and I took it into the service station that cared for the car. ( it was my aunt's who recently passed). I asked him to look at the car and call me. I had to call him 2 days later; tells me he'll call. 2 days follow, he tells me he already replaced a flange to the Catalytic converter ( the light no longer goes on )and then replaced the exhaust system. I did not ask to have any work done with out pricing. Is he nuts, is it illegal doing work without telling the customer the amount? He tells me to just come and pick the car up. I don't know what the going rate should be. I don't want to not pay, but I think this is an astronomical price for a muffler system.
If the job was done without your authorization you are not obligated to pay for it. You can tell them to put all the old parts back because you did not authorized the repair.
Anyway, here are the prices, as you can see the system cost way more than $900:
exhaust manifolds: $220 / each (did he replaced both?)
Labor time:
Left Bank 3.0 hours
Right Bank 8.0 hours
Front Pipe
Auto Trans
Japan Built 1741020360 $1794.30
USA Built 174100A320 $1347.51
Center Pipe
Japan Built 1742020180 $279.93
USA Built 174200A170 $279.93
Japan Built 1743020042 $314.10
USA Built 174300A082 $362.40

Thanks for the response and information, I will find out if it was an entire exhaust system or just parts, like a muffler, manifold etc. I don't know anything about this, and it appears that replacing an exhaust system is not the same as a muffler. Thanks for the info, this makes this web site helps a consumer who knows nothing about cars.
You are very welcome!
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