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Rough Shifting of Automatic Transmission on Mercedes-Benz E350

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Vehicles equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission may develop a rough shifting condition, most commonly going up from first to second gear and going down from third to second or second to first gear. Our technicians tell us this is due to an internal component failure. Mercedes has released updated parts; the transmission will need to be removed and disassembled to complete the necessary repairs.

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Mercedes-Benz E350 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 70,287 (3,000–222,000)
10 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
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At around 130,000 miles, I started to notice a slight jolt while coming to a stop and the transmission downshifts from 2nd to 1st. This issue is intermittent. However, just recently for the first time, the car would not come out of 2nd gear so I had to drive 30 mph max. Luckily, I was only a few miles from home.
My 2007 E350 only have 72k miles. It has now been parked in my driveway for two months. The car is stuck in limp mode second gear. I use to be able to pull over and restart the car. Not anymore. I called MB headquarters in NJ . The rep claims that they are not aware of a major issue with the transmission. Strange because it's posted all over the net. My friend just bought the R350 2007 two weeks ago. No 8 days ago and already is facing the same problem. Does anyone have any advice for me. It's actually embarrassing that I have the only Mercedes in the neighborhood and it's DOA in the driveway. When I finally get the money to repair it. I will drive it out of the neighborhood before calling the tow truck. I will never but a MB again.
My car occasionally will not shift gears; it gets stuck in a gear: I have to put it in neutral, slow down, then downshift to engage the shift.

Yesterday, when this happened, putting it in neutral didn't work, and I had to shut the car off. I was in traffic and it was very scary.
Car will not shift out of first gear; sometimes pedal depression does not allow car to move. Shut off and turn on use to fix it. Now it is just stuck. Garage ran test and said it was an internal code problem and fixed it. It lasted about 2 months and happened again. Paid to have it fixed several times and each time it stop working sooner and sooner. I was told to get rid of vehicle. SERIOUSLY? Mercedes Benz are suppose to get 300,000+ miles if maintained and driven with proper I guess I should take a loss since the vehicle is not worth the payoff amount. About 120000 miles are all highway.

If anyone has an accurate resolution, I would be very grateful. I feel so bad. My poor husband is beside himself and my research has uncovered that this seems to be a recall/defect issue that Mercedes should be handling.
Started with rough shifting into gear, especially with cold engine. Developed into incorrect shifting - mostly between 2-3 and 3-4, car in wrong gear. It came to a point when it would kick out of gear at the red light - unable to move the vehicle (until I switched the engine on and off). MB dealer did a complex repair of the transmission, reported some clutches damaged and replaced (costed approx, $3000). Rough shifting between 2-3 (and 1-2 in S mode) persisted, the garage said they were unable to find anything wrong. Got rid of the car, as I felt the problem remained unresolved and soon would turn into a nightmare.
Rough shift from 1st to 2nd and back down to 2nd from 3rd, on late 2005 E280 estate. Fault indicated B1 clutch component problem, when dealer cracked open the trans they observed damage to inside of casing which appears to indicate a bearing .. Big bucks to fix!

However, this didn't fix the problem! Occassionally under hard acceleration the car would just lose power for a second or two then the power would return with a really hard shift between 2nd and 3rd. Dealer and Mercedes finally came back saying it needed need exhaust manifolds - but my confidence in their ability to troubleshoot problems was somewhat diminished, so I did my research and found it was actually a known issue cause by they way deisels are now made with EGR valves which dump exhaust gases back into the intake manifold to reduce carbon emmissions. It does reduce carbon.... Because it ends up caked to the inside of the intake manifold and turbo impeller! Had the turbo pulled and cleaned - problem solved.

My advice, don't trust Mercedes trained mechanics as they no longer think like mechanics. They are so used to pluging into the diagnostic port and letting a computer do their job that they forgot how to analyse how an engine works. The result is the just look at error codes and part swap - a mechanic at the local dealership told me he was confident it was the exhaust manifold because he had swapped them before! But when questioned he never actually looked at the 'faulty' parts he just swapped what he was told to swap.... somebody tell me why we pay the high price of Mercedes dealer maintenance charges?
Car sometimes downshifts abruptly and roughly from 2nd to 1st. Dealer replaced control unit, software and valve body under extended warranty. Problem still exists.
hard shifting as the transmision upshift and downshift and their is no tnasmision faults as i get the car to be scanned ,i changed gearbox oil inaddition to a transmision filter but still have the same problem.
i cant imagine that mercedes benz has just came to be in the group of unprofessionals
While driving the car it will no shift into gear. I have to pull over turn the car off and turn it back on.
rough shifting recurring after repair...under warranty... 1st and second gear down shifting at low speeds and low gear 1st and 2nd. It wants to hang up in 1st gear.
car wouldn't switch gears after driving distances exceeding 10 miles and or city driving .
had car towed to Mercedes benz of WC . MB concierge contacted me loll and said it was my valve body and repair would cost me 1200. MBUSA stated that MB of WC PA, would give me a good will credit of 10percent loll grand total of 45 bucks embarrassing . MB must recall.
Same as others, sticks in first gear, stop/restart the engine and it goes away. Happened once or twice early on at about 40,000-50,000 not has happened 3 times in the past month after 86,000. Have not taken to dealer yet.
Transmission shifts erratic,it sometimes hangs or takes longer periods to go from one gear to another. It sometimes feel as if it slips, then engine RPM's over rev's. Sometimes it functions normally.
Transmission occasionally causes loss of acceleration in low gears.
Turning off engine and restarting fixes the problem for a while.
2007 E350 would not shift out of 1st gear. When vehicle was placed in park, a loud banging noise could be heard from the transmission area. Vehicle was towed to dealership under extended warranty. Shift solenoids are being replaced but did not correct the problem. Faulty K2 clutch pack solenoids. Codes for slipping in transmission. Drained transmission and found metal debris in bottom of pan and RUR transmission. Replaced K2clutch pack, K2 housing/input shaft, rear planetary carrier and K2 solenoid. Should not happen with low mileage on a 52,000 dollar vehicle. No explanation on why this occurred, except the dealer has seen this in the 2007 E350 models. Thank goodness for extended warranty. Time to trade out of a MB.