Q: intermittent wipers do not work on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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high and low work fine. intermittent speed does not work. The wipers go up about half way and have to be manupilated down. I have changed the modules under the hood with new form dealer, with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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Have you changed the wiper motor $ 60 to $ 90 at the parts stores and about a hour labor. If the parts stores stock them, its a common part that fails.
The wiper motor has a plate that has four screws. Remove them under the plate has three fingers that line up to the main gear with brass contacts. The center one has a void clean around the void. The three fingers before mentioned, take a look they should be equal but probably not, bend the fingers to the highest point of the three fingers so that they ar eat the highest point away from the plate. Reassemble.

I suspect that in the winter when the snow is heavy or frozen to the windshield the current is heavy enough to heat the fingers causing them to bend.
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