Q: intermittent stalling on 1992 Dodge Dakota

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My truck will randomly stall whether I am driving down the road idling. The check engine light has never come on and I've replaced the fuel pump,pump relay as well as the auto shut down relay. It will run fine for a while then stall there is no warning everthing just goes dead.Sometimes it will re-srart right away other times it will take a while...when u turn it over there is no gas getting to the inj's then all of a sudden it gets thru and fires.
There have been times it wouldn't start...I left it and came back an hour later and it fires right up?
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replace the crank position sensor. book says to remove egr valve and tube that is now seized in. sensor will slide out without removing anything
you just replaced it?
sorry to bug but im having the same problem with mine
i have the same year and motor only difference is 4x4 but i dont think that really changes anything
can you tell me all you did and cost if its not a problem
thank you very much