Q: Intermittent failing to start on 1990 Honda Accord

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My car cranks up fine whenever the engine is cold, but when I drive short distances and turn off the engine, then try to restart it shorty thereafter (ex: When I stop to get gas) the car will turn over, catch and then imminently will act like it stalled out, and then will not re-fire until I have let heat out of the car via opening the hood and turning the heater on. Once I have let it sit like this for a couple minutes, it will start up and run fine. The car has 340+K on it, if that matters.
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Possible ignitor starting to fail. Any recent(3 mo.) repairs or maint.?Poss. flooding due to leaky injector(s), try holding throttle to floor while cranking(DO NOT PUMP) and see if that makes a difference and let us know.........AND NO if it's been well maintained , then 340K aint nuttin!.......10/25/12...Guess it's running or in the scrap yard since no reply.
Sorry, holding down the throttle when cranking doesn't seem to help the problem. No major recent repairs, it's had this problem for about a year now
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